ProFamily Legislative Network


Our annual ProFamily Legislators Conference is right around the corner. Each year, the conference receives high reviews from the legislators who attend. Consequently, our numbers have grown year after year. (By the way, one of the features popular with legislators is that, unlike other legislative gatherings, we encourage spouses to attend- to participate as a familiy so they can better support, encourage and pray for their legislative mate.)

This year’s conference will be particular important, as the states are becoming bigger cultural battlegrounds than the federal level. The U.S. Supreme Court has already pushed the battle over marriage back into the states, and with it, the fight for conscience protection, the preservation of traditional religious liberties and moral values. The same is true for the areas of education, environment, healthcare, jobs, and so forth.

Interest from legislators for this year’s conference has been very high, but we are finding there is a problem: the prolonged bad economy. We have had call after call from legislators who want to come, but who have been hindered by the high cost of fuel and airline tickets. Because many state legislators make so little (for example, a Texas legislator receives $600 per month; and in more than a dozen states, they make about $1,500 per month), this year it has been particularly difficult for them to make ends meet to get to the conference.

We therefore are asking for your help. If you can contribute anything to help, it would be a blessing not only for those legislators but also the states in which they serve! Thank you for your partnership!

Pro-Family Legislative Network (PFLN) serves to make sure that strong pro-family legislation passed in one state is available to leaders across the nation. PFLN also holds annual conferences for legislators and their spouses. State legislators and senators serve on a shoe-string budget; this is an opportunity for you to donate towards a scholarship for one of these leaders.